How to Write a Poem

Poetry is one of the most ancient forms of art in the world. It even predates writing. Ancient poems were handed down from one generation to the next orally. Only until a particular civilization is able to write a poem down are they actually put down on paper.

Probably the most basic way of writing a poem is by giving lines a rhyme and structuring them into verses. But a lot of poems today are written in unorthodox ways. But there are some things that make a poem different from the rest of forms of writing. Want to know about them? Read the guide on writing a poem below.

  • Play with your words. Alright, your mother told you not to play with your food. But she didn’t say anything about playing with your words, right? There can be several meanings to a certain word and there could be more in a phrase or sentence. Play around them to your heart’s delight.
  • Poems are meant to be read aloud. You should keep this in mind when writing your poem. While some words look good or witty on paper, they may sound lame or weak when you read them aloud.
  • Remember the basic rhyming poem? Rhyme can be hard or soft. Hard rhymes refer to those identical-sounding words while soft rhymes are those which are similar-sounding.
  • Check Love songs Lyrics for inspiration in love song lyrics. They can help you out find the right start, rhymes or mood for your poem. Use it for educational purpose.
  • Familiarize yourself with the different forms of poetry. Examples of which include the ode, sonnet, sestina, villanelle and the pantoum. Learning about them can give you a wider view of looking at poems in general and would help you be more creative in the pieces that you write.
  • While editing other written works can be done without reading them aloud, the opposite is true for poetry. If something sounds uncomfortable when it comes out of your tongue, you may consider changing it to create a better poem.

These basics instructions can be use for many different sort of poems like a;

  • love poem
  • friendship poem
  • poem valentine
  • funny poem
  • birthday poem
  • poem romantic
  • child poem
  • inspirational poem

How to Write a Poem

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