How to Write a Research Paper

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about writing a research paper is that of a person stuck in a library with stacks of books piled on the table. Such a conception is perfectly understandable because research papers indeed need a lot of information in order to be written.

But more than just a compendium of information written about a subject, research paper takes a stand on a particular issue or tries to argue a point. The information compiled help support those arguments.

We all know that it takes patience in writing a research paper. But more than that, below are otherbasics things needed in writing one:

  • Establish your topic. What do you want to write about? Find a topic that you are interested in because it is easier to write than one which you have no idea about. Also make sure that your topic is neither too broad nor too specific.
  • Check your library for resources. Books are your best friend when writing a research paper togethet with a good internet search engine. They give you valuable pieces of information which will help in building up your argument. This is also the reason why your topic shouldn’t be too broad or specific because it makes it easier to look for reference materials.
  • After getting resources, you should read them (of course!) and take notes. After which, you should organize your ideas and write them down. What you have written will serve as your first draft.
  • In your first draft, as well as the succeeding drafts, you should write down footnotes to refer to your sources. Also, you should come up with a bibliography wherein your sources of information are listed.
  • As with other forms of writing, you should proofread and edit your work until you are satisfied with the result. Good sources are never enough when you cannot translate them into a well-written research paper.

How To Write A Research Paper

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