How to Write a Speech

Speech writing is a form of writing that lies between actually writing it and delivering it orally. Unlike most forms of writing, speeches aren’t meant to be read with the eyes but to be read aloud in front of an audience.

But speakers don’t just blabber useless words in front of their audience. They aim to motivate or to inspire the people they are talking to. So all in all, speeches are written to be heard and are meant to motivate people.But it takes skill to write a speech. Here are some ways in writing one:

The first thing you have to consider when writing a speech is time. How long is the speaker expected to deliver the speech? Time will dictate how long your speech will be.

  • In connection with time, you should also make sure that the speech is long enough to deliver your message and short enough to keep people interested in what you have to say. 
  • Again, speeches are meant to be heard, not read in silence. So you must read your speech aloud while you’re editing it. Make sure the sentences aren’t too long which can leave your speaker gasping for air and that the words comfortably roll out of your tongue.
  • A good speech should be able to connect with the audience. Therefore, they should be directly referred to in the speech by using words like ‘you’.
  • The audience will not see the speech separated into paragraphs. You should therefore create good transitions, otherwise known as segues, to give people the sense of a shift of the topic.
  • Bring your audience back to the main theme of your speech. With all the illustrations that the speaker shows to the audience, the listeners may lose sight of the reason why the speaker is talking in front of them. So summarize the speech at the end.

How to Write a Speech

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